We provide high-quality, cost-efficient comprehensive, neurological care. This starts with education. We take pride in training the advanced nursing team and advanced practice providers and affiliated staff at the receiving hospitals with a comprehensive educational program which will continue every three to six months, depending on the need.

The training for the nursing staff and advanced practice providers is comprehensive and will encompass:

  • Principles of neurologic care, neurologic examination and evaluation, and approach to medical decision making.

  • Acute protocols, including NIHSS, acute treatment of stroke victims, which include specific inclusionary and exclusionary criteria.

  • Neuro ICU protocols.

  • General neurology algorithms.

  • Documentation. The emphasis here is on documentation of services to assist in the education of documentation by the advanced team so they meet the CMS criteria for the appropriate level of service.

  • Training on the use of telemedicine technology.

Peer Review:

There will be a continuous peer review process to monitor the quality of physicians as well as the advanced nursing team services and to assure that the service provided meets the current practice guidelines. There will be an opportunity for regular meetings for the hospital administration with our administrative staff, for review of performance and to assure profitability to the receiving hospital.