Virtual Neurology will provide seamless access to expert neurological care to allow your facility to attract and retain patients with neurological conditions.
Fewer patients will need to be transferred to other centers. The increase in hospital admissions for neurological conditions and subsequent DRG-based payment for these admissions is a significant component of the gain to the systems that employ our services.

Virtual Neurology physicians are experts in the efficient and timely care of patients with neurological problems. This expertise translates into shorter LOS and additional cost savings.

Virtual Neurology physicians are experts in stroke care and can increase your facility’s utilization of IV tPA in appropriately selected acute stroke patients. This increase in tPA utilization is another source of significant gain to centers who can provide this critical and highly reimbursed service.

Virtual Neurology can provide neurological coverage and the stroke expertise to help your facility achieve “primary stroke center” status. This will lead to more stroke patients being directed to your facility.

Virtual Neurology will provide a customized solution, tailored to meet the requirements of your facility, and will provide a clear demonstration of how our services can provide excellent ROI for your system.

The full-time availability of neurology services has numerous non-monetary benefits as well.

  • Attending physicians can be more comfortable knowing that immediate neurology expertise is available should their inpatients require it.

  • Facilities gain stature and regard in the eyes of the community and surrounding areas when full-time neurology coverage is provided.

  • Relieving the “on-call” burden from local neurologists may improve retention of those neurologists, or even make your community more attractive to new neurologists who may consider moving to your location.