The conventional telemedicine services only provide emergent consultations and do very little for patient retention. Our competitors claim that their services help hospitals retain patients. However, many of these hospitals have experienced poor patient retention as the current services provide little or no follow up care, and are predominantly focused on initial consultations. Most telemedicine models supported by large hospital systems are focused on benefitting from transferring patients to their facility for more specialized expertise such as thrombectomy. Unfortunately, this model does very little to retain patients in the originating hospitals. These centers need 24/7/365 coverage for all emergent and non-emergent consultations and follow up care to retain patients. We offer a comprehensive service that guarantees complete coverage for all days, nights, and weekends. We also offer the flexibility of coverage to allow local neurologists to cover their service and yet, enjoy guaranteed call coverage. A comprehensive, around-the-clock consultation service is available for all routine and emergent neurologic consultations.

Virtual Neurology can help guide program development at your facility. We can guide the creation and the implementation of emergent and non-emergent neurologic protocols at your facility dedicated to improve adherence to quality, evidence-based care of patients hospitalized with neurologic illness.

Virtual Neurology will assign a neurologist for each shift to your hospital who will actually carry a census and perform routine “sign-outs” at the end of each shift to the next neurologist on call.

Complete Solutions

Virtual Neurology will tailor the telemedicine services to the needs of the individual hospital. We can help your facility build a spectacular inpatient and outpatient integrated neurology program, and help maintain patient retention in your hospital and your community.

We can help you build your program in a fashion that is most suitable for your facility’s needs. Examples include:

  • Comprehensive TeleNeuroHospitalist service, with live video-conferencing assisted by trained ancillary staff  or advanced practice providers on site.
  • Emergent neurology protocols with the use of trained rapid response team video-conferencing with the Virtual Neurology neurologist.
  • Post-hospitalization ambulatory clinics, with use of Advanced Practice Providers on site. This may include transitional care clinics tailored to provide ongoing quality care, achieve high patient satisfaction, obtain additional ancillary services necessary, and avoid readmissions.
  • Program implementation objectives are aligned with key hospital quality standards and initiatives. Opportunities in the development of neuroscience service lines would be the goal of our partnership with your institution.

We will help your facility provide high quality, cost-effective care to your community and patients exceeding expectations.

Our service will:

  • Provide comprehensive quality service

  • Improve patient retention

  • Result in reduced length of stay

  • Increase tPA utilization

  • Increase volume of patients with stroke