Virtual Neurology can help implement educational programs for providers and medical professionals to achieve excellence in the provision of acute stroke care with NINDS recommended timelines. We can implement acute care protocol for the treatment of acute stroke, with our live telementoring services guiding the process at your facility. This includes live video assistance in the examination of the patient at bedside, and guidance of the process of acute care outlined below until the tPA is administered.

Virtual Neurology can help implement post-tPA care protocols and assist in the management of your patient after the acute episode. We can assist in caring for your patients after admission, including important decisions on timing of antithrombotic and anticoagulant treatments. We can also assist with investigations that may be required to determine the mechanism of stroke and assist with the treatment plan. The right treatment plan, including the correct use of antithrombotic treatment,  improves the quality of care, and avoids downstream complications and readmissions.

Virtual Neurology can implement protocols to meet quality metrics put forth by AHA/ASA under “Get With The Guidelines,” which can be tracked by hospital administration and reported to AHA. This can help the hospital acquire accolades by the AHA/ASA and obtain Primary Stroke Center certification.



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