About Virtual Neurology

Virtual Neurology provides a turnkey solution for all neurology on-call services for your facility. We provide a cost-effective solution, delivering 24/7/365  access to neurologic expertise via secure, state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology.

Virtual Neurology takes pride in providing comprehensive, 24/7/365  coverage for all neurologic care, essentially a comprehensive TeleNeuroHospitalist service. Consultation is initiated with a single cell phone activation and our immediate response is guaranteed.

Virtual Neurology has pioneered a new model of care delivery that uses ancillary staff and nurse practitioners in providing an around-the-clock comprehensive neurologic consultation and expertise to your facility.

Advanced TeleNeuroHospitalist

At Virtual Neurology, we have pioneered a new dual system of comprehensive neurologic care that involves the use of Nurse Practitioners/Advanced Practitioners on foot at the site of service, who assist in caring for patients with neurologic illness, in conjunction with the Virtual Neurology neurologist. This has been shown to be a very cost-efficient and an effective model of neurologic care for hospitals deficient of neurologic services.