Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Consultation

With our Movement Disorders expertise on faculty, we can provide access to a Parkinson's disease and movement disorder specialist to assist inpatient providers in diagnosing difficult movement disorders with video consultation. Timely and appropriate treatment of the complications associated with these diseases can significantly shorten hospital stays.

Virtual Neurology™ can assist in diagnosing and treating conditions presenting as movement disorders on an outpatient basis as well. These conditions include Parkinson's disease, acute dystonic reactions, tremors, ataxias and psychogenic movement disorders. Our services can help to establish a telemedicine-run Parkinson's clinic for ongoing follow up of established movement disorder patients.

Our newest service provides direct access for patients to a movement disorders neurologist in the comfort of their own home. Especially helpful for our rural clients, Virtual Neurology™ now provides HIPAA-compliant Parkinson's disease and movement disorder consultations for patients who would otherwise have to travel great distances for expert opinions. 

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Movement Disorder Consultation
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