One of the advantages of our service is 24/7 provision of neurology service with the use of hospital employed Nurse Practitioners/ Advanced Practice Providers trained in neurologic assessment.

How it works:

Virtual Neurology™ takes responsibility for training and continuing education of Nurse Practitioners/Advanced Practice Providers who would then take calls and provide 24/7 service for call coverage with the help of Virtual Neurology™. The training is comprehensive and continuing education will be provided every three to six months, depending on the need. The extenders are employed by the host hospital system and as such, the hospital can bill for their services.


  • Rapid Response Team

    The originating hospital will have the option of using Virtual Neurology™ in training the Rapid Response Team of the host hospital in responding to Stroke Alerts both in house and the ED. Acute Stroke Protocols can be implemented and IV thrombolytics can be administered by the Rapid Response team with the help of the Virtual Neurology™ neurologist through telemedicine. This interaction can be facilitated by state-of-the-art technology at the ED and ICU settings.

  • Neurology Consult Services, Advanced TeleNeurohospitalist Program

    The Advanced team will be able to gather history from the patient and family, gather the pertinent data from medical records, and perform a comprehensive neurologic exam. They will present this data to the Virtual Neurology ™ neurologist on call, who can guide on medical mecision making.

  • Neuro-Critical Care

    Virtual Neurology™ will help implement neurologic critical care protocols including blood pressure management post-tPA, hyperosmolar therapy for malignant stroke, and management of status epilepticus. Our Advanced team will be trained in these assessments, and ultimately the Virtual Neurology™ neurologist will direct medical decision making using state-of-the art telemedicine technology.

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