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Virtual Neurology™ provides immediate neurologic consultative services. Pioneering a new model of telemedicine, Virtual Neurology offers hands on expertise with state-of-the-art video encounter.

Our innovative, cost effective solution delivers
24-7 access to comprehensive neurology services
for your inpatient and ambulatory facilities.

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Hospitals Services


As the gap continues to grow between the supply of board certified neurologists and the demand for their services, maintaining 24/7/365 neurology coverage for emergent and routine neurological consultations is a challenge that will only worsen in the coming years. These gaps will lead to a variety of hurdles to patients and hospitals including delays in critical treatments, decreased patient retention, and failure to meet a community need of providing comprehensive neurological care. This can lead to poor patient outcomes, loss of favorable status for a hospital within its community, and lost revenue.

Virtual Neurology has the expertise to fill any and all coverage deficits in your hospitals and clinics. Whether it is providing continuous stroke call or providing necessary evening and/or weekend coverage, we are flexible in our ability to meet your needs.

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Ambulatory Services


As physician shortages continue to expand through all specialties, Virtual Neurology can bring local access to specialty trained neurologists to your ambulatory clinics.


Virtual Neurology offers a unique combination of hands on evaluation by trained advanced practice providers who will then facilitate a real time video encounter between the local patient and Virtual Neurology neurologist.

Specialty Care

Through a combination of fellowship training and extensive experience, our neurologists are adept at managing a wide variety of neurological diseases.

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Physicians Services

Emergency Department Physicians

State of the art, high quality neurological support is never more than a click away.

Overworked Local Neurologists

We understand that emergency department call coverage and nighttime call may be a major cause of professional dissatisfaction.

Primary Care

Immediate access to in-hospital neurological consultation will assure timely and high quality neurological care to your patients.

We also offer "Telementoring", Curbsides, and Clinical Pearls to individual physicians anywhere.

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